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"Baroda Connect" - the Internet Banking portal of Bank of Baroda - is currently being modified to provide our valued customer a more secure platform for carrying out their transactions. Customers/Users may encounter some difficulties initially. We request our customers to kindly bear with us as the system is being made more secure.

Our customers with "Transaction Rights" are now required to make a one-time registration for availing the benefits of enhanced security on our portal/web-site. Please note the following changes on our portal:

Common changes for Users with "Transaction Rights" & Users with "View Only Rights"
The first log-in screen, that is, after clicking "Login to Corporate Net Banking", users will now be required to type:
      For Corporate Users: -> CORPORATE ID & USER ID only
Users may ignore the links "Unlock Account" and "RESET QnA" at this stage.
In other words, the users will not be required to type their password at this stage.
On typing the "Corporate ID & User ID" and clicking on "Enter", the User will be required to:

Users with "View Only Rights"
Type their "password" only (USER ID will be pre-populated) and click on "Enter".
Customers/Users with "View Only Rights" will not encounter any other change.

Users with "Transaction Rights"
Such Users will have the option of "not registering" immediately and can "skip the registration" process. However, we strongly recommend Users with "Transaction Rights" to register for the enhanced security at the earliest as this will protect them against frauds of phishing / identity theft etc. ( Link for this "registration" process will be available to customers in phased manner, who can opt for registration - other please click "skip registration")

Please note the option not to register will be available for a limited period, all Users with "Transaction Rights" will have to compulsorily register for the enhanced security features.

For registering for enhanced security features, every user must
      (a) Have his Mobile number registered with the Bank. If a user has not registered his mobile number so far, she/he may do so as under:-
            a. In case she/he has a Bank’s Debit Card, visit any of our ATMs and register her/his mobile number instantly at tab
                ATM Screen> Other services> Update mobile no. in account.
            b. In case she/he does not have Bank’s Debit Card, submit a written application for registering her/his Mobile number to her/his base branch.
                Form for Mobile number registration at branch level may be downloaded from our website under the "Download Forms" section.

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